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BCO Feeding Programs

Project Sowing: 

Feeding Life with Love

Project Sowing was born out of the need identified in the extreme south of São Paulo, a place where the lack of resources is part of people's daily lives. Sowing means planting, and in this way we understand that when we feed individuals, we are sowing into people's lives. We bring the love of God through actions, prayers and words to 200 families each month. 

In 2020, BCO reached more than 2,000 families with basic food supplies, and more than 78,300 items were purchased to prepare meals and assemble monthly grocery packages.

Family Assistance Program: 

BCO partners with Novidade Church to purchase 120 pre-made grocery packages each month for families in the communities of Capao, Noronha, Sao Bento, and Vera Cruz.

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