B.C.O. – Brazilian Children´s Outreach is a non-profit organization offering educational and social assistance program free of charge in Brazil. 
Billy Joe and
                Josephine Hart
Billy Joe and Josephine Hart founded the organization in Brazil on May 1st 1974 for the purpose of providing social assistance to needy children in the vicinity.    From its inception through 1989, the organization served as an orphanage for children and adolescents .

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In 1989, after careful study of the community needs and the changes introduced in Brazil's new constitution on children and adolescents, B.C.O., working together with the Court of Minors, reintegrated the children into their families or placed in foster homes in 1989.

Since 1990 B.C.O. has provided comprehensive educational programs for children and adolescents, and social assistance to the children's families.

B.C.O.’s vision is to transform impoverished Brazilian children into becoming contributing citizens healthy in mind, body and spirit.


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